Ongoing Content Plans

We started New Thread to not only work, but partner with you to provide content that’s perfectly aligned with your business objectives.  Since the beginning, we've dedicated ourselves to learning the needs and goals of our partners, to allow us to feel like an extension of your team.  By focusing on relationships instead of one-off projects, we realized we could eliminate project-to-project stress and deliver better results every step of the way. That's why we're proud to announce that we are accepting new partners in video marketing and can’t wait for you to become one of our success stories.

The Noise Maker

  • 5  Minutes of Rendered Video

  • 3 to 20 Videos

  • Monthly Performance Reports

  • Full Analytics

    • Standard Inclusions*

    • $2,500 / month

The Social Butterfly

  • 12 Minutes of Rendered Video

  • 6 to 48 Videos

  • Bi-Weekly Performance Reports

  • Full Analytics

    • Personalized Insights

    • Standard Inclusions*

    • $5,600 / month

The Corporate Go-Getter

  • 30 Minutes of Rendered Video

  • Up to 120 Videos

  • Weekly Performance Reports

  • Full Analytics

    • Personalized Insights

    • Dedicated Project Manager

    • Premium Inclusions**

    $15,000 / month

*Standard Inclusions

Setup meetings, concepting, design, iterations, consulting, filming, regional travel, 2D graphics & animations, basic stock (images, video, music), and basic actors (on-camera & voice over).

**Premium Inclusions

Everything present in “Standard Inclusions” with added premium stock (images, video, music), premium actors (on-camera & voice over), custom 3D graphics, and extended travel.

  • A whole year of video.

    Our plans are set up to give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what new product you’re launching, new ad campaign you’re pushing, or even if you decide to rebrand halfway through, you’re covered.  We also provide analytics and our own reccomendations to customers so you’ll always know what’s performing well and how best to continue that success.  It is our mission to utilize our time with you to build a great cohesive relationship and relieve any video anxiety so you can focus on the things that matter.

  • Everything that’s included.

    We include everything we’ll need to create great content starting with the first contact and everything else that follows.  More specifically, we include: drafting, consulting, progress reports, analytics, concepting, designing, multiple iterations, filming, basic stock (stills, footage, & music), in-house actors, basic voice overs, custom animations, and graphics.

  • What isn’t included.

    While we include everything you’ll need to see your project through,  some customers opt for premium level: stock (stills, footage, & music), voice overs, actors, advanced travel for shoots, or original 3D modeling. We love options like these, but they can be expensive, so cost from them will be additional.

Find us in the heart of downtown Indianapolis 

200 S. Meridian, Suite 334 
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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