Inspire, capture, grow

You may have a lot of anxiety when it comes to creating a video. Whether it be the first step, the process, or even deciding what video. This is where we differ. We spend more time upfront aligning ourselves with you and your marketing team to understand why your company and your product exists entirely. It's the WHY that helps us create your video.

We form a tight partnership with your group in every step. We stay in communication so that you can be confident in the outcome of the project before it even ends. First, we start with a chat. Sometimes it turns into a conversation about the idea and passion behind your business. Then we look at what is needed to translate your company into a moving piece that will motivate, excite, and educate your consumers. 

Values and Benefits


Whether you want fun, informative, or something in between, we make videos that cut through the noise to grow your company.


The marketplace is constantly shifting, and you need to adapt to consumer needs.  We feel the same way.
With same day quotes and quick turnarounds.


It’s not just a logo, it’s your brand.  Bring it to life with our animation department.  Make heads turn and take notice.


We  spend more time up front so that you can breathe easy  later on.  We measure results so you’ll always know that the our next step is the best step.


You are constantly pushing your company and expanding.  We have developed our workflow to accommodate for the high-growth companies.


We leave the egos at the door and know that no one knows your business’ story better than you.  We help you tell that story in a way our competitors can't.

Meet the Team

Kevin Emmons

Producer & Director
Has a condition called "consumer's brain".  He is constantly breaking down your scripts from a consumer's point of view to ask, “so what” and make sure your video will be something viewers will care about. 

Joshua Mitchell

Visual Effects Designer
Has always been a passionate optimizer.  He’s going to make sure your project is done on time and on budget.

Zack Baker

Motion Designer
Likes to move it, move it.  He eats, drinks, and sleeps motion graphics.  His passion for expanding his skills guarantees that he’s ready for anything your company can throw at him.

Find us in the heart of downtown Indianapolis 

200 S. Meridian, Suite 334 
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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